Reality Capture

Documentation of existing facilities is an issue that many facilities face prior to and during projects. Our Reality Capture Team has a portfolio of tools that can help you to obtain accurate documentation of existing spaces for your remodeling projects or existing facility documentation.

Laser Scan to BIM

Laser scanning is a high speed digital documentation of your existing facility. Our Reality Capture Team can coordinate the laser scanning process for you; and convert laser scans to a 3D BIM model for your use as a facility management tool or construction documentation tool.

Reality Capture for Construction

If you are considering a remodeling project, our Reality Capture Team can help you verify existing conditions. From documenting existing conditions on historical facilities prior to construction, to preparing accurate MEP documentation for remodeling, our team can save your team time and money. Our real world experience will help you identify the correct methods to maximize your ROI.

"Quick BIM"

Why send your staff to a facility with tape measures and sketch pads to document existing room sizes and locations. Our Reality Capture Team can use our electronic documentation process to walk through your facility and take measurements while simultaneously producing a BIM model. This accurate process will save you time and money!

Watch our showreel.

Watch our showreel.

Our Purpose.

To embrace, develop and implement project specific "Building Innovation Systems" that utilize a technology based modular approach for knowledge management with dynamic content that positively impacts a facility from inception through facility management.

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